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Perfect Escape


To fill the days, we offer exciting activities such as peaceful Walking Trails, spectacular close-up Game Viewing at the hide and waterhole, relaxing at the Swimming Pool or having a laid-back sunset around the campfire with an ice cold Gin and Dry-lemon. This is where stories begin with the bright stars above us.

You can also visit our Souvenir shop with lots of momentos to remember the days spent on the Omalunga Palm Route, Namibia's heartbeat.

Visit the 66ton iron-nickel meteorite on the Hoba West farm, just 20km south of Grootfontein on the D2905. It was discovered in the 1920's by Jacobus Hermanus Brits while  ploughing one of his fields with an ox.

Don't forget to visit the Old Fort museum in Grootfontein which was the military fort and administrative post built in 1896 by Schutztruppe and the Native population.

And if you have more time, then a fun 4x4 road trip to the Ju/'Hoansi Living Museum is a must! Here you learn more about snaring, tracking, lighting a fire, making ropes, jewelry, bow and arrow and so much more!

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Ju/'Hoansi Living Museum


This is a unique project where visitors can learn more about the traditional culture of the San (bushmen).

The Bush walk includes hunting, snaring, tracking and collecting bush food or you can join in the fun by singing, dancing and playing games around the camp fire.

For the arts & craft lovers, you can learn to make ropes and snares, jewelry, bow and arrows or learn to light a fire and prepare and taste traditional bush food.

All of this can be combined in a full day of Action Day or Walking in the Wild with your 5L of water.

Walking Trails & self-drive farm drives

No better way to getting closer to nature discovering the secrets the bush has to offer such as makalani palms and oshanas (seasonal lakes). Savour that feeling of calmness and listen to the sounds of buzzing insects and chirping melodies of the birds and end your trail by sitting at the hide where the ostrich, giraffe and small & big antelope gather at the waterhole. 

Come back and dive into the waters of the swimming pool or relax in the lounge with a good book while indulging in a fresh garden salad, sandwich and refreshing Namibian Rockshandy. 

Jungle Gym


For the kiddos we have a fun playground equipped with monkey bars, swings and seesaw made of many pieces such as old tires, metal pipes and ropes.

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