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Roy's Rest Camp, which started in 1995 as cattle farming and a rest camp on farm Elandsgate consumes only a small part; 2,800ha.

Elandsgate is one of the oldest farms in the Grootfonrein district and has been since 1930 when it belonged to the Alberts family and originated from the Dorslandtrek.

The Dorsland trek laid the foundation and played an important role in the further developments of this historical town.

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The foundation of boerekos was brought to the Cape of Good Hope when the Dutch established a station there where recipes used by the community were researched.

Boerekos was in fact of European origin with the main contributors being Dutch, German and French speaking people.

And still today in Roy's Rest Camp kitchen, no recipes are needed for that dash of taste and spoonful of love.

Stir up some Nostalgia!

An interactive experience of a real-world environment of Roy's Rest Camp.
Roy's Rest Camp Video

Roy's Rest Camp Video

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Rustic, very personal and a leisure camp with its own character. With the creatively designed surroundings, you can feel and love the uniqueness, because in many places and corners, you cannot escape the inspiring atmosphere.

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